Sunday, August 10, 2008


This is Sonny, Gary's horse. He was saved from slaughter by the Fans of Barbaro. He waited a few months for his forever home. The first one didn't pan out for him so he ended up with us after Cody died. He is a sweet guy. Wants the end of his nose scratched a lot. He really doesn't care if you have a treat as long as you love on him. He is around 17 hands and must be part draft as his mane and forelock don't get very long. His mane is sort of curly. For an appy, he has a nice tail. I have ridden him and it is a long way from the ground, lol. He is very mellow around other horses, not assertive at all. He is sort of a clown sometimes, likes to pick things up in his mouth and swing them. He hates to get in a trailer though. He looks at me like "what did I do that you are taking me away?". Poor baby. He can't understand we would never, ever take him away and not bring him home.

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