Monday, August 11, 2008

Red Earth Horse

Saturday afternoon Gary and I went up to the north pasture to check on the state of the grass. There is still lots of it. We found Sonny and Star by themselves as the other 3 had gone to the house. This is where they all like to roll in the red earth. We could see the signs of where they roll. It must feel so good! This morning (Monday) there is a nice, slow rain falling. Wish it would do this all day. We need the moisture. We feed Sandy and Tessa chopped alfalfa hay after their grain and supplements. This morning, the old girls elected to eat it in the barn out of the rain. Since they are the elders, they do get pampered. So they are eating their chopped hay in the barn out of the rain. I can't express my feelings for these two. There is something special about an old mare. They have their dignity but they are so slow and gentle. I could spend all day with them and just watch them live.

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