Thursday, August 21, 2008


Seems there is a rumor going around that we moved to Oklahoma to start our own rescue. Hmmm. It's not true of course, don't know enough to run a rescue. But, I wish someone would tell me how it would be a bad thing to have another horse rescue. What we wanted to do was give sanctuary to a few horses who needed a place to retire. And, we have done that. We do know our limit and will soon be there. There is still a lot of work to be done here and it takes time and money to do it. That means staying at home and maybe not doing some other things like going out to eat, to the show etc. We were never socialites so it's not hard to not do some things. We do enjoy being with the horses and love them like children. Some may not agree with our ways but the horses aren't afraid of us. They don't get beaten. What they do get is food, shelter, farrier, shots, and vet care when needed. They seem happy. They whinny when they see us because they know we feed them and there is probably an alfalfa cube in our pockets. Life is good!

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