Friday, October 3, 2008

I just returned from MO this afternoon. We did go and do the closing on the MO property Monday. Then I spent the rest of the week with my sister and BIL. Remember I posted pics of their Harley? Well, last Sunday they were in an accident while on the bike. They were in the passing lane doing 65 mph when a 17 year old in a small pickup moved into their lane. His truck hit their bike and it went over on the left side. I was given a miracle by God that they both survived this. My sis was life-flighted to a hospital in KC but was released the next day. They both have some road rash and she has a broken bone in her left hand. BIL has a badly sprained wrist. This is a picture of her helmet. If she had not been wearing a full face helmet, she would have most likely died from facial injuries. This is her doctor's opinion and mine as well. The white scuffs on the helment are from it skidding on the road with her head inside it. Oklahoma doesn't have a helmet law, neither does Kansas or California. Crazy! Thank you God for sparing my sis and BIL. Horse updates in the next post, I'm still kinda in shock from this last week.

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Kathy said...


I hope your sister & BIL are okay. Not at all a motorcycle fan. Way too many new drivers on the road right now. They have had little or no training. Life is much too precious to put one's self in harms way.
What a scary expreience for not only them, but for you & the rest of the family as well. Prayers going out for them to return to good health.