Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Red Rumps on Alert

If you look closely at the right, upper corner, you can see Tessa coming back to the house. She has a favorite spot to graze. It's on the east side of our property by a huge cedar tree. It's along walk for her but that is good. Walking is the one thing the natural farrier highly recommends. He says walking keeps the hoof growing and in healthy shape. The last couple of days have been cold and wet. So Tessa and Sandy have been kept in the barn quite a bit of the time. Tessa still needs to gain some weight and I don't want her to get chilled and burn her calories up trying to keep warm. They had a turn out area but both choose to stay in the barn while it was rainy. Of course the other 5 are highly put out that they had to stay outside but they had wind breaks and also have a lot of fat on them to keep warm. Gary is working in the barn, getting the wiring put up and as soon as it dries up some, will rent a trencher to get the water and electric lines run. I can't wait. Soon it will be getting dark at feeding time so the electricity in the barn will be great. In the second picture, Spice was looking at something behind them. Guess she was the rear guard, lol. Put a saddle on Star the other day and worked her in the round pen for a short time. She didn't mind the saddle at all.

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