Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The first picture is a "blast from the past". A long, long, long time ago. The second, I took yesterday. Hawk wants to know..."can I come in your barn?". Ah, no!

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Kay said...

Maggie, The pictures are great. I am so glad that Tessa is doing so well. That is awesome that she isn't lame anymore. I know it makes your heart feel good. Keep the photos coming, I really enjoy seeing your horses and ranch. All is well here. Hopefully Pepper is going to a new home after Thanksgiving. She is being adopted by a nice young couple with other horses. They will be able to get her going. They have lots of pasture land, a round pen etc. They looked at her, and thought about it for two weeks before committing to adopting her, so I hope they don't back out. I am happy for her. It is cool here, 64 today and colder tonight. I love it!!!
Hugs, Kay