Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Gulch

I talk about our "gulch" some. It is really a shale (soft rock) pit. Shale has been dug out for roads etc. There is a lot of grass down there and weeds. Buddy needs to get after the weeds, lol. The first picture is going down into the pit. The next 2 are the horses coming down to see what I was doing. They don't seem to spend a lot of time down there for some reason. Maybe they feel like they are in danger when down there. Trenches are dug for the water and electric lines. Today we will start putting them in. Need to get it done quickly as more rain and cooler weather are forcast for Tuesday. Two old people don't work too fast but we do get things done in time. We have had to keep the horses away from the barn except at feeding time due to the open trenches. Come on Gary, get outta that bed! We got work to do.

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Kathy said...

Hi Maggie
Your pictures look like they should be hanging on the wall in your living room. You do an exceptional job of picture taking.
I do miss your more frequent 'chats', as I am sure others do also. I wish you'd come back to either ABR or ACN. You add so much with you wit & knowledge.
You & Gary are doing a great job getting the place ready for the animals. I'd say all those "kids" are really lucky to have th two of you!