Thursday, October 30, 2008


First picture is of Sonny and Tessa munching hay yesterday. Excuse the ratty looking fence behind Tessa. Gary was in the process of replacing it. The little rascals kept getting into the big hay bales we have put back for the winter. Now, the fence around the hay is "hot". No horses in the hay this morning!! The second picture is of the gulch. I had walked down in there again this morning and turned around to start back to the house and there were all 7 horses, the goat and the cat......down in the gulch. I about fell over. Tessa and Sandy were in the gulch. This is amazing to me as Tessa moves ever so slowly most of the time. The path leading down in the gulch is rough and rocky. She has not been limping for a while and guess her feet are ok enough to get down there. I was very surprised and happy to see this. She was munching away on the grass that is there. Hurried and got the camera so I could get the picture. Came back to the house and the next time I looked out the window, a few minutes later, she was back up top next to her favorite cedar tree. If she went up the bank, she is more limber than I thought. Most likely, she came up the same path she went down on and walked around the gulch to the tree. But this is showing me that she is improving as she is going exactly where she wants to without too much effort. Yipee!!

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