Thursday, October 23, 2008

Well, I think we are done in the barn for the winter. Yesterday, we were really glad we had the panels in so we could feed in the barn. It was cold, rainy, blowing a gale and just down right miserable! But we survived it. The horses seemed to appreciated being able to eat in the barn and not outside in the rain. Tessa and Sandy got to stay in last night because of the cold wind. Today is sunny but cool so everyone is outside looking for that last blade of grass. The first picture is the north side of the barn. There are 3 pens there. These stay put all the time. The next picture is the south side with the panels extended. We used 2 x 4s for the "gates". These maybe replaced with regular gates next year when we get the run-in shed built, not sure. The last picture is Tessa and Sandy in the barn with the panels swung back against the wall. Works very well, at least for now. Gary also got a couple of outside faucets installed to fill the water tanks so we don't have to drag a long hose this winter. PS: We did clean the barn after everyone was finished eating, LOL.

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