Thursday, February 12, 2009

After the Storm

Eight people died Tuesday night during our first outbreak of tornados for 2009. This was about 90 miles south of OKC. My sympathy to those who lost their loved ones. We badly needed the rain. The dry winter has contributed to fire danger. The horses all seemed to enjoy their unscheduled baths. They all rolled in the red dirt afterwards. Dunkey looked like a little ball of red mud. He is so cute. He is like a 10 year old boy when it comes to lovin on him. Aw Mom, not infront of the guys..... Belle likes her lovin. The new girl Sweetheart is true to her name. She is the true black and is beautiful. We will start on her run in today. Then she can be out of her round pen. She will be happy to have more room to roam. Have a great weekend everyone.

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