Friday, February 6, 2009

This is Sweetheart. Saved from slaughter by the Fans of Barbaro. She is #10. We are full now. Until someone crosses the Rainbow Bridge, there will be no more new ones. She is supposed to be 19 years old. I named her sight unseen and it must have been devine intervention because she certainly is a Sweetheart. We now have 8 saved from slaughter equines. Each one is different and each one is special. Rescues are having a tough time now because of the economy. If you can help out even with a few dollars it would be great. Even giving of your time to a rescue can help out a bunch. Working with rescued animals is such a great thing to do, they are so greatful for your attention.

One way to help is to visit and donate $10.59 for a rescue. Here is the link:

I did. And it feels great to know that just that small amount can help a lot.

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